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Black Lives Matter

I have witnessed how black lives are undervalued in our society to the point where a black person is more likely to die earlier than I am.

I believe:

  • North America owes a debt to the ancestors of the Africans kidnapped and enslaved.
  • That Black Americans and Canadians are treated differently and that black people in North America exist in a stressful, racist culture at every level.
  • That even though I have suffered as a woman, I have never suffered because of the color of my skin.
  • That people of color are far more likely to die or be imprisoned ONLY because of their color
  • That when slavery was abolished, America began imprisoning black men in order to profit off of their work and the culture of that continues.
  • That my white heritage has given me privileges that are based on the luck of my ancestry.
  • That my white privilege can be connected to the enslavement and suffering of others. .
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