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Clean the Floor with Coconut Husk

I make my own products and use a lot of oils. Which means I spill a lot of oils. On the floor.  Oils are a big challenge for me to clean. I don’t want to put them down the drain of course but if I use paper towels, it seems a waste and a lot of trees dying unnecessarily just to soak up oil and get thrown out.

I happen to have Coconut Husk for one of my scrub and as an additive to one of my soaps (African Black Soap)  and while researching I heard how well it soaks up oil. So I threw some down, rubbed it around and swept it up. And viola!  Floor that was not slippy with oils.

Now, I happen to notice that Petco sells coconut husk for reptiles called “Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate” so I bought some of this and tried it on the floors. Perfect! Nw most people won’t have the same need of it that I do, but if you are looking for a way to soak up oils, you might want to try a little of this stuff.

Although oils aren’t supposed to go into compost, I’m pretty sure a worm compost would work with this pretty darned well.

Online it costs ten dollars but it’s pretty big and it soaks up a lot of oil.

Hope this post helps someone!


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