Who Was Ziryab?

ZirYab was a 9th century musician whose contributions to the Andulsian royal society make him one of the most influential courtiers of all time.

He began as an African slave who’s beautiful voice and interpretive skill earned him the nickname Blackbird.  Not only did he revolutionize music of the time, he invented and popularized the use of deodorant and toothpaste.

He is also credited with introducing different fashions for different seasons.

Naming my company after Ziryab is my way of acknowledging the unity of all people.  Ziryab lived at the beginning of a Golden Age of Andalusian culture that lasted from the 8th to the 15th century. While the rest of the European world was struggling with the aftermath of the fall of the Roman Empire, Andalusian science was making great strides in  botany, agriculture, astronomy and medicine and the arts was flourishing. In fact, it is very likely that western music, opera and music theory can be directly linked with this time and place in Arabic culture.

 In a time when I see us villainize specific groups or types of people, even vast swaths of people, with different cultures, beliefs and regions, it’s important to me to publicly recognize, embrace and be grateful for all I have gained from peoples from around the world and through the centuries for all the gifts I enjoy today. ZirYab is but one of many many people I am grateful for.

There’s an interesting article by Osman Bakar  about the golden age of Andalusian culture  between the 8th and 15th century if you are interested here.  He claims that during this time in Spain,  Christians and Jews lived in harmony with the Muslim majority..

In my products I use ingredients from Australia, Egypt, India, Canada, New England, California, England, the ocean, Tibet, the Dead Sea…

The small amount of knowledge I have about personal products comes from the wisdom of the women and men from ages past from every corner of the world and many different cultures. When we work together and learn and share, we are so much greater than when we are separate and fighting.

It is the small ways we live our lives that can contribute to good winning.

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