About Us

The Company

Right now there are three of us in the Company, myself, my husband Kevin Stratton and our awesome co-worker Hallie Richwine. During Covid-19, we’re practising pretty strict social distancing and haven’t opened the shop. Hallie has been coming in early morning and we come in at 11 am (or so) after she leaves for the day.  Mind you, we’ve always had somewhat flexible hours for one reason or another.

Brenda with Soap

Brenda McFarlane

I started the company in 2012 to share my handmade deodorant to everyone who might need it as much as I did. My deodorant changed my life – I thought there might be other people who would find it changed theirs too!  For the company, I’m in charge of research and development as well as design. I also make products.

Kevin Stratton

Kevin is in charge of finances, paperwork and shipping. He also builds a lot of our displays and things we need for the shop.

Hallie Marathon Runner Jumping

Hallie Richwine

Hallie now does a lot of product making. She is an invaluable resource and we rely on her for giving us her opinion on every aspect of the business.  She originally started helping us wash dishes but she has become an integral  part of our business. She is the smartest one of us and has a brilliant sense of humor.  She is making a lot of the products now, labels and oversees inventory too!