Curbside Pickup

March 14, 2020 For your safety, we are offering international shipping, local delivery and curbside pickup. To order visit our shop or call us at 575-519-4704. In an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we have taken the following measures to protect our customers and ourselves. We are continuing to operate the business […]

Soap and Cosmetic Best DIY Sites

Make It Yourself Links I came across yet another wonderful and helpful DIY website and realize that I have been very ungrateful to the many, better, bloggers out there who have shared their knowledge so generously. Susan Barclay’s SwiftCraftyMonkey – Point of Interest I will add to this as I go but first, a huge […]

What to do About a Smelly Dog

Some dogs are smellier than others. Water dogs like retrievers produce special oil that helps makes their fur water-resistant. They also tend to grow nice thick coats to protect themselves from cold. Unfortunately it makes them tend to get smellier than other dogs. Avoid Bathing Your Smelly Dog Too often If you bathe your dog […]

What to Do When You Experience Allergic Reactions

We can all experience Allergic Reactions to ingredients even when they are natural. These reactions can be real allergies or sensitivities. You can be born with them, they can develop over time and sometimes they can disappear. Often people believe that they experiencing an allergic reaction when trying a baking soda based deodorant. This isn’t […]

Sedona Bath and Body Boutique

Sedona Bath and Body Boutique – Specializing in handcrafted soaps, lotions, potions and unique gifts all about taking time for yourself. From bath and body to unique pampering and entertainment gifts we have you covered! Launching July 1, 2021. Located at the Oak Creek Marketplace Brought to you from the owners of “Made in Arizona […]

Organic and Sustainable Palm Oil

Pongo pygmaeus Orang-utan with baby at Camp Leakey Tanjung Puting Reserve South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ziryab’s only uses organic and sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil. I believe in supporting the existing sustainable and organic palm industry rather than moving the problem if exotic vegetable oils to another, less well known area of the world.  Please see my blog about the sustainable palm oil industry.  industry  are so often […]

Harvest Moon Selling Ziryab’s Products in Florida

Harvest Moon Botanica and Boutique is selling Ziryab’s products in Florida in High Springs. Along with offering fantastic products, they also offer aromatherapy, alternative and holistic health services.  23554 West Hwy 27High Spring, FL 32649UNITED STATES

Black Lives Matter

I have witnessed how black lives are undervalued in our society to the point where a black person is more likely to die earlier than I am. I believe: North America owes a debt to the ancestors of the Africans kidnapped and enslaved. That Black Americans and Canadians are treated differently and that black people […]

Crystal Cowgirl in Evergreen CO now sells Ziryab’s Products

Crystal Cowgirl is our new exclusive seller in Evergreen, Colorado. Check out this boutique for beautiful western style treasures, jewellery and upscale consignment apparel. (303) 674-6918 29005 Upper Bear Creek Rd, Evergreen, CO 80439

Find Ziryab’s Products in Truth or Consequences, NM

The Annex T or C displays Ziryab's products

We’re so happy to let people know that you can now find Ziryab’s Products in Truth or Consequences. The Annex T or C is now carrying Ziryab’s products. Give them a call to check out their hours! 917-204-7566. The Annex T or C is a one stop shop to find products to pamper and love […]

Almost Free ACV Hair Rinse

Before raving about the benefits of making your own ACV Hair Rinse, here is an even simpler trick; After you wash and condition your hair, rinse it in cold water. This will make your hair noticeably softer and shinier. Try it. Why does it work? Because cold water has less minerals than hot water. Hot […]